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Small town, big charm. That's my jam.

Through the years, we've learned that bigger isn't always better.

Smaller, intimate spaces are where our family thrives.

Intentional furnishings and custom cabinetry allow a "place" for everything. With less time spent cleaning square footage, we receive the gift of time to make more memories. Our goal is to create spaces that you miss when you are away and feel like a hug when you come home.


I chose the name "Rainey Haus" because each project is a result of the talent and skill within the walls of our home. Myself and my husband both play a crucial role in every service that we offer. Using my experience in design and his in carpentry, we take on each idea together and consider each and every detail. In a pre-fab, flat-packed world, we are holding tightly to thoughtful design and old-school quality.

Everything that colors these pages is a product of the last six years of our lives - client projects, personal ones, studio locations, and growing babies. 

Our journey has been flawed. 

It's been human. It's been my favorite.

Throughout our journey, our path has been full of what seemed like detours and misdirections. We are learning to let God lead, never wanting our plans get in the way of His purpose for our lives.

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