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Small places, big charm. That's my jam.

Through the years, I've learned that bigger isn't always better.

Smaller, intimate spaces are where our family thrives.

Intentional furnishings and custom cabinetry allows a "place" for everything. With less time spent cleaning square footage, we are gifted more time to make memories. We prefer cozy, livable spaces that you miss when you are away and feel like a hug when you come home.


I chose the name "Rainey Haus" because each project is a result of the talent and skills within the walls of our home. Myself and my husband both play a crucial role in every service that we offer. Using my experience in design and Ross' in carpentry, we take on each idea together and consider each and every detail. In a pre-fab and flat-packed world, we are holding tightly to thoughtful design, unique details, and old-school quality.

We are colorful and a little unpolished.
If that sounds like you too, our haus is your haus.

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Interior Design - Codee Rainey Interiors - Eatonton, Georgia

Vintage Rugs

My first love as a designer was colorful vintage rugs.

Each one had a unique past and looked completely different, much like each of us. I have always been so intrigued by how much you can tell about its origin by the symbols and colors alone. I love that they remind us all that age and patina are beautiful and valuable. New isn't always better and that when something is taken care of properly, it can stand the test of time.

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